NMR 600

Bruker Avance II 600MHz Bio-molecular NMR System

  • High Sensitivity Prodigy Cryoprobe  for 1H, 19F, 13C, 15N experiments
  • High capacity (480 samples) Sample Jet autosampler for maximum thoughput
  • Ideal for fragment screening/ligand binding studies
  • Natural Products NMR, Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry
  • Metabolomics (Bio-fluids, cell extracts, quality control samples)
  • NMR of proteins and nucleic acids
NMR 400

Agilent MR 400MHz Automated NMR System

  • Walkup instrument with full automation for ease of use
  • Equipped with 5mm AutoX One Probe
  • Modern, 96 sample automatic sample changer
  • Optimized for 1H, 13C, 31P, 19F NMR
  • One and two dimensional routine NMR
DFCI 500

Bruker Avance III 500MHz Automated NMR System

  • Two channel system with AutoXBB Smart Probe
  • High capacity (480 samples) Sample Jet autosampler
  • 1H or X (15N-31P) observe
  • 19F observe with proton decoupling
  • 1H observe with 19F decoupling
NMR 700

Bruker700MHz Bio-molecular NMR System

  • Four channel state-of-the-art NEO console
  • Ultra-High Sensitivity Helium TCI Cryoprobe  for 1H, 13C, 15N experiments
  • Ideally configured for state-of-the-art protein NMR
  • Multi-dimensional data acquisition software for protein and nucleic acid NMR
  • Protein/ligand binding at low concentration
  • Natural Products / Low synthetic yeild structural determination experiments

Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz NMR 

  • Four Channel NMR System
  • He cooled Cryoprobe for maximum senstivity
  • Dedicated Protien NMR instrument

Bruker NEO 600 MHz NMR

  •  Four channel NMR system
  • He cooled TCI cryoprobe
  • Mixed Small molecule / Protien use instrument