Oxford 600 MHz Magnet. Bruker AVANCE II Console system. Equipped with 5mm Prodigy HCN TXI cold probe. Perfect for higher resolution 2D experiments. Instrument also has a temperature controlled Sampljet autosampler available for screening experiments. 

Varian 400 MHz magnet. Equipped with 5mm AutoX OneProbe. This is a walk up instrument set up with full automation for ease of use. Designed to satisfy the NMR needs of the typical researcher who does not have plenty of NMR experience. Capable of 1H, 13C, 19F, 15N, and 32P detection for 1D and 2D experiements. This system comes with a Varian 7600 Autosampler capable of handling 96 samples at a time.

500 MHz Oxford magnet. Varian Inova console. This magnet is equiped with a Varian HCN triple res coldprobe. Used for structural determination of natural products and casual protien work. This magnet is available by appointment only.

500 MHz Bruker Avance III two-channel console, equipped with a temperature controlled SampleJet automation system. Acquisition capabilities include walk-up proton, fluorine, and carbon NMR, routine 1D and 2D experiments, variable temperature. The SampleJet has concurrent capacity for 30 traditional chemistry samples plus 5 x 96 samples that can be stored at low temperature (typically protein samples). The system uses a standard room temperature NMR probe which gives good proton and carbon sensitivity; fluorine sensitivity on this instrument will be the highest of any instrument in the NMR Core.

Agilent 700 MHz magnet with a DDR2 console. The Magnet is equipped with a Agilent Triple resonance Helium cold probe. This machine is used for structural determination of diffcult natural product samples and extensive protien experiments.