The 700 MHz, 600 MHz, 500 MHz and the 400 MHz NMR rates:

  • For internal Harvard users (Funds managed through HMS and DFCI) - $39.00 / hr.
  • For outside non-profit users (Funds managed by BI, Partners Healthcare, BWH, MIT, etc) - $50.00 / hr.
  • For outside corporate users - $92.00 / hr.

Please take note: Experiments and customer requests that require excessive support from the NMR core staff will be subject to a Staff Assistance fee of an additional $18 / hr.

NMR training fee:

  • All NMR users are required to have a one hour training session prior to using the instruments. The cost for such a session is $50 per new user.


Fragment screen based fees (flat rate per screen, charged in addition to NMR time):

  • Internal Rate for Harvard And DFCI users: $43/hour
  • Non profit and Hospital Affiliates: $53/hour
  • Industrial and Commercial Users: $85/hour
  • Screen Setup Fee: $2,888.00 / screen
  • Library fee for in house 1000 compound Library: $894.80 / screen
  • Analysis Fee: $2692.00 / screen