EQNMR 700 Scheduling Guidelines

Use of this machine is restricted to advanced users only. All users must be specificaly trained by one of the staff.

EQNMR NMR 600 Scheduling Guidelines

All experiments on the upgraded EQ600 must be made by special request. Please use the link provided below to describe what you require (experiements, estimated time etc...) . One of the staff will review your request and let you know when the magnet will be available.

EQNMR NMR 400 Scheduling Guidelines

EQNMR 400 scheduling guidelines

Special experiments (i.e. longer time) need to be cleared with Charlie and scheduled at least a week in advance.

DFCI 500 Scheduling Guidelines

Special experiments (ie longer time) need to be cleared with the staff at least a week in advance

NMR 500 Scheduling Calendar

U500 Scheduling Guidelines

Open reservations for small molecule and protein screening experiments are currently limited to a small subset of users. Other requests for the U500 MUST be made by contacting one of the NMR core staff in advance.

U500 Scheduling Calendar