Rules for using the EQNMR Core Facility

  1. Only authorized users will be permitted to use the spectrometer. Before a user can run any experiments, he or she must provide all required information to the facility staff. A New User form will be provided on the website for this purpose.
  2. Users are expected to run their own samples. NMR facility staff will help as necessary to train users, but will not generally run samples. Non-standard experiments are the responsibility of the user.
  3. All spectrometer use must be accounted for. When a user logs on to the spectrometer computer, time is automatically calculated until the user logs out. Failure to log out will result in overcharges.
  4. All instrument time on open access instruments must be scheduled using the on-line scheduling program. Each lab will be provided with a username and password required to access the scheduling program. Scheduling will be assigned on a 'first come first served' basis.
  5. For reservations on all other instruments. An online form to make requests can be found underneath each spectrometer's calendar. Requests will be processed by the staff on a 'first come first served' basis.
  6. Users must show up for their scheduled time within 15 minutes of the starting time. Failure to show up within this time may result in forfeiture of the time. Repeated failure may result in loss of spectrometer privileges.
  7. If a user cannot use their scheduled time, he or she must cancel their time BEFORE the start of their time block. Users are expected to notify other users as soon as they are aware they will not be able to use their time. Charges will apply for use not cancelled prior to the starting time.
  8. If a user is not going to use all of his/her time block he or she must edit the online schedule to free up available time. This has become such a major issue, that violations of this can no longer be tolerated. Every user gets three “strikes”. The first violation a warning is sent to the user and his/her PI. Upon the second violation the users account is suspended for one week. A third violation results in the termination of the NMR account.
  9. Any requests which cannot be accommodated by the normal schedule must be submitted to facility staff at least one week in advance of the desired date. The normal schedule will be interrupted to accommodate the request, after which time the usual schedule will continue. Every effort will be made to work with users to fulfill special requests.
  10. Users may sign up for their own time, but must follow the time limits. A user may not sign up for more time than the maximum allowed slot during a given period, unless no one is scheduled after them.
  11. Experiments requiring a probe change require notification of the facility staff. Only users authorized to change probes are exempted from this rule.
  12. All safety regulations of the NMR facility must be followed at all times. If a user is unaware of the safety requirements, please consult with facility staff. If there are any further questions, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Any emergency in the NMR lab should be handled by calling 911. Failure to obey posted safety signs may result in personal injury or death.
  13. No food or drinks may be brought into the NMR facility.
  14. NMR samples must be properly labeled, and should be removed from the facility after the experiment is finished. Any samples left sitting around will be confiscated, and unlabeled samples will be disposed of promptly.

Download NMR Facility Rules of Use (pdf)